Day's Unbeatable

Jan. 26, 2017 - 2 min. read

Jeffrey Fernandes

MAMA WE MADE IT! We’ve got a power 9 reprint in modern, Day's Undoing... Timetwister... pretty much the same card, right? Well, not exactly. But with a little help from a few other modern staples we can make blue great again.

So, if you want to brew with a card you need to know it's strengths and weaknesses. You then need to exploit those strengths and minimize the weaknesses. The main weakness of this card is the fact that your turn immediately ends after the spell resolves. It also sucks when you give your opponent 7 new cards. So, now imagine Day's Undoing was a spell that could be cast at instant speed, you could do it on your opponent's end step so that most of the cards they draw will be uncastable until their next turn and you would be able to untap with 7 brand new cards! WOW, so much value! If only there was a card that could allow your next sorcery to be cast as though it was an instant... Oh wait, hello there good friend, where have you been hiding?

So, Quicken + Day's Undoing is a cute little trick, and a fine starting point when brewing with Day's Undoing, but we need more synergies to make up for what this card lacks. If we cast this on our turn, sure we get to draw 7 cards but our opponent will have the opportunity to cast their spells first. Unless of course, they can’t cast any of their new found spells! Perhaps they are having trouble casting all their Abzan cards with only mountains in play? If you catch my drift...

The best way to negate the effect of ending the turn is to quick simple take an extra turn! That way you can get a fresh grip of cards and then untap with those cards without your opponent even getting an opportunity to do much about it. The easiest way to get an extra turn in modern is Time Warp, which means to cast both in the same turn we would need to have access to 8... that would take a Miracle!

Surviving until turn 8 is no easy task, so we need a faster to make this all happen. Currently we are in colours which izzent known for ramping. HAHAHA hilarious! But seriously, the best option I could dig up was none other than...

Chandra, the Mind Sculptor!

This card does it all for our strategy, she is a win condition in her ultimate, an extra to our mana pool to help us do big things, and she allows us to see more cards when we need to. Finally, we need some disruption to get us through the early game so we can start to loop Day's Undoing with time warp effects. Cryptic Command really does it all, and its hard to lose the game when it is in your hand and castable. But my favourite thing about Day's Undoing is that you get to play cards that sacrifice cards for tempo advantage, in particular bounce effects. Warning! The following cards contain a level of spice that is not for everyone.

You simply haven't lived until you end of turn bounce your opponent's board, untap, play Chandra, Torch of Defiance uptick and then play Day's Undoing. Oh, and by the way, Day's Undoing shrinks Tarmogoyf's down to 0/1s, so punish those Jund guys for not playing blue!

Here is a sample list where I feel Day's Undoing is used to its full potential, sure you could play it in an aggressive shell like affinity but this is a more brutal beating in my opinion. *Alert* giving your burn or affinity opponents 7 new cards is essentially suicide, dont do it unless you have some serious backup like cryptic or exhaustion. Or do it and learn the hard way.

Decklist - Blue Red Turns

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